Crafting Quality Games and Applications

At Blackfeather Productions we are driven to create forward thinking products that match our own high expectations of quality.
A big part of what drives us to be creative is actually solving problems.
We love everything about making games and spend a lot of our time learning and developing interesting new ways to create.
We are a game development studio first.
However, the skills and knowledge that we’ve cultivated allows us to expand to third party application development for a variety of personal and corporate needs.


Follow the journey of Somnium, a half-elf warrior, and her sentient sword, in this 2D Adventure Platformer.
Skill-based platforming and combat is the key to navigating treacherous terrains and slaying horrifying demons.
Reflection informs direction and drives success in this reality bending tale of two souls brought together by fate.

Work In Progress!


Get ready to Cluckle Up! cause this fast paced, third person multiplayer shooter will have you playing asĀ  a ‘nade toting, Uzi wielding chicken!
Tear down Carrot City brick by brick with a Minigun, take out a whole wall with a Rocket Launcher, or sit back and watch the world burn as you play your Bagpipe Flamethrower.

I love the smell of fried chicken in the morning!

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It also serves as a platform for Daybreak developers to work from that provides transparency whilst resolving these issues.

Our Team

Jhett Black


Jhett has worked on numerous projects as a games programmer, and has experience in dev-ops, and project management. His recent work includes web app development for Daybreak Games, a large games studio located in San Diego, USA.

Stewart Coates


Stewart worked with Queensland Health Corporate, developing applications for the Innovation and Enhancement Division. He then moved to Kinetic Innovative Employment, where he designed business enhancement plans to improve company workflow and community development. He also worked on a large range of game projects during his study for a Bachelor in Game Development.

Vanja Sorokin


Vanja is a digital artist who has built up a profile as a digital painter through social media and networking events. She spent time at Fugro Roames as a 3D environment artist, where she crafted both detailed and optimized 3D Models for data analyst software. She has also worked on a variety of game projects, even going as far as to plan and develop small game projects on her own.

Parthiv Mehta


Parthiv has worked in both app, and game development, having recently worked on serious games for training the ‘Masters in Applied Psychology’ students at the University of Queensland.